Over the years IN THE KITCHEN has built a reputation for excellence within the food solution industry, and following are a few reasons why we believe we are the best at what we do:

EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE DELIVERED WITH THE CLIENT IN MIND – We believe in personalised attention to each individual customer, and we ensure that we are able to carry this through thanks to the size of our operation and the dedication of our staff. We value our customers and make sure that they are satisfied at all times to encourage future business and lasting relationships.

OUR PASSION IS OUR PEOPLE – The people that make up our company are incredibly passionate about food and the provision of excellence in all that they do. We appreciate and nurture their passion and sense of innovation, which is why we treat our staff as exceptional assets and by providing them to be owner operators. We believe that being able to provide people with a career and business insight is both beneficial to us as an employer, as well as those we employ. We build our people around values such as trust, integrity, partnership, development and growth.

A TRACK RECORD THAT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF – Nothing reflects the success of a business as clearly as the reputation it builds amongst its clients. Our track record of quality and dedication to being of service to the client has seen IN THE KITCHEN move forward successfully as a business. We always remember where we have come from, and we feel blessed to be doing what we love for a living.

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